Thursday, August 30, 2007

Making cards and ripping up carpet...

I spent most of my day in my youngest son's room ripping up the ratty old carpet in his room. Whew, that's some hard work! I have been meaning to do this chore ever since we move into our house, 15 years ago...ooops! I actually painted his room when we first moved in, I did a whole theme of a construction zone (very little boyish), but now that he's 18, I have decided to update!
I managed to get a card done for the SCS Way to Use it challenge. I chose my colors from the decorative paper. I just love this American Art Stamp image. I have a ton, no, seriously, a ton of DCWV textured cardstock! Remember, "I love all kinds of paper"! There are so many wonderful colors in lots of shades. I have started to purchase Stampin' Up cardstock, but I just can't afford all the beautiful colors that I want. I own 49 SU stamp sets. About half of them I purchased new and the other half I bought on Ebay. I have been making cards for about 1&1/2 years and it is one of my favorite things to do. I was really into scrapbooking about 6-7 years ago, but have gotten away from it cuz I just din't have the time for it. I like to make cards because I can usually complete one in about an hour. A scrapbook page would take me more like 8 hours. Well, I still have a bunch of tacks to pull up out of the beautiful hardwood that was under the ratty carpet so , I'm outta here! TTFN!

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Lynn said...

I love this American Art stamp image! you did a fantastic job on this card, the colors are so bright and cherry!

I feel the same way about card making, its something that I can finish with in an hour verses scrapbooking that takes me forever!