Sunday, September 2, 2007

No time for my "Crap" room

I haven't had any time to play in my crap room for the past few days. I am trying to get my son, Alex's room painted, but the prep work is killing me! He had stuck an EXIT sign above his door that must have had some kind of industrial strength adhesive on it cuz I could not get it off for the life of me! It took me about 2 hours and several products to finally get it off the wall. Goo Gone was my savior! Then there were all the places where the top layer of drywall was peeled off the does a child manage that? And then all those little nail holes...they went on and on and on...the boy had christmas lights draped all the way around his room! I told him, in a firm tone of voice, that when he gets back into his own room there will be no nails, screws or other punturing devices hammered into the walls! Tomorrow morning I think I will be all set to get the primer on, Whew!

I really wanted to take part in the Featured Stampers challenge today. Heather, aka inglishrea, has a gorgeous gallery!! I will try to case at least one of her cards sometime this week. Well, my arms and hands are killing me from all that scrubbing, so I am gonna hit the hay. But first, I am gonna give my oldest son a quick call cuz he was getting back from his Honeymoon and was driving to Syracuse to spend his first night, with his new wife, in his new house.


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